My SEND Library unlike many SEND resources looks at the BIG PICTURE and takes a holistic view of support. Just as every child with SEND is different, so are the family that cares for them.

We start our conversations with the parents we support with a short checklist, to find out where they are, what gaps are there in the provision they get and possible avenues they haven’t thought of. Some information we provide might not be appropriate at the time but invariably others come useful when you least expect. We have learnt over time to present a summary of the essentials and next stage information, which might require, a diagnosis or additional information.

A new diagnosis doesn’t not only affect the child or young person with SEND but also other members of the family. Many siblings of children with SEND are known as young carers and contribute to support their family, for this reason, there are many support organisations that focus their support on siblings to ensure they grow up strong and resilient.

We are passionate about the welfare and well-being of parents and carers. We believe in us just as important to support them so that they can continue their caring role. A happy, strong and resilient family network is the best support a child or young person with SEND could possibly have. Making sure all the member’s needs are also taken into account is essential to ensure families stay together and thrive regardless of the level of disability.

We hope you find this section especially interesting because you will discover lots of helpful sources of information about how to cater for the whole family from inclusive facilities and playgrounds to financial support such as the Family Fund, which can give grants for a family holiday year by year.


My SEND Library - Information & Support

Do you know what is available to families? Are you getting all that you are eligible for? There are lots of support and provision specifically for families to ensure their health and wellbeing as well as financial support.

  • Carers Assessment (for parents0
  • Siblings (Young Carers)
  • Health Checks
  • Benefits & Direct Payments
  • Networks
  • Housing
  • Respite
  • Wellbeing